$79 Pre-Tax 500mg Coda CBD cartridges

Buy (3) half gram (500mg) Coda Signature CBD cartridges, get 1 cartridge AND a Coda battery for $79.42 before tax ($100 out the door!) Choose between three CBD:THC ratio options - Uplift 1:2 (Profile: zesty, piney, energetic, focus), Balance 1:1 (Profile: sweet, rich, creative, blissful) and Calm 2:1 (Profile: floral, herbal, relaxing, tranquil). Call to confirm options, limited time offer.

Show this Sour Sativa deal at the dispensary checkout to redeem your discount and enjoy! While supplies last.  Other restrictions may apply. For recreational deals must be 21+ with valid ID and medical deals require a valid state mmj card.
  • Cost: $100 OTD
  • Quantity: 500mg
  • Recreational 21+ Only

Dispensary Information

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