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Sour Sativa is a technology company / advertising platform with an initial focus in the cannabis space, we are proud to boost a suit of new and cost saving features and enduser benefits that will touch a segment of the industry like never before. The company has a core base of international technology professionals merged with long time cannabis corporate entrepreneurs'. We offer a collective of 26 plus years of technical/web/app building experience coupled with 14 plus years of active Colorado “legal cannabis” sales and production. We have built and strive to plug ever hole in the myriad of advertising options offered to the cannabis operator. Subsequently focusing on the enduser and the experience via our cutting edge app, mobile presence and website. The B2B client backend experience is robust and intuitive making for a simple transition from any current platform available in the marketplace.

Look for more to come, we guarantee the stickiest customer as well as the lowest possible cost per client acquisition. Our ROI was at the forefront of focus while engineering this  cutting edge product.

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Join our network as a consumer to get access to the best cannabis deals available or as a dispensary or glass and cannabis accessories shop to reach our members through our menu of advertising opportunities.


Give us a shout if there is anything we can help you with.  Feeback is always appreciated.  Weed love to hear from you!


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